Travel Note

Effective January 1, 2007, United States citizens traveling between the United States and The Bahamas, regardless of age, will be required to show a passport to re-enter the United States.  For information on how to obtain or renew a passport please visit:  Note: Please allow 6-8 weeks prior to travel to obtain or renew a passport.

Avoiding Missed Flight and Inconvenience:
Departing visitors should continue to be advised to arrive at the LPIA airport 3 hours prior to departure during peak airport traffic periods between 9:30 and 3:30.

While improvements have been made since the US terminal’s opening in correcting initial problems with baggage systems and new systems by airlines, security, and preclearance personnel, travelers should still allow for sufficient time, particularly over the coming weeks as we experience our highest traffic volumes during the past several years.

For US-bound travelers arriving from the family islands, please inform your guests that there is a shuttle available at the domestic terminal entrance (next to Wendy’s) which runs continuously and will take them to the US terminal.

Airport stakeholders are continuing to work on refinements to the process.  Travelers unfamiliar with the Bahamas should be reminded that LPIA is a US pre-clearance facility.  Once they have been cleared in Nassau there are no further formalities once they arrive at their US destination.